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  1. Men's Haircut
    $30 (add a Beard trim for $15)
  2. Women's Haircut
    $60 (Includes Wash and Blow Dry)
  3. Two Bits
    $55 (Shave and a Haircut)
  4. Back and Sides
  5. Buzz Cut
  6. Gangster's Getaway
    $30 (Straight Razor Shave)
  7. Beard Trim
  8. Chalk Lines from the Neck Up
    $20 (Line Up)
  9. Youngster's Haircut
    $25 (12 and under)
  10. Wash & Set
  11. Color
    $60 and up (does not include Wash)
  12. Blow Out
  13. Wash
  14. Frequent Flyers Club
    $5 off any appointment made more than 2 weeks in advance
A Little About The Shop

Welcome to The Barber Shop, Ltd. We are committed to providing top-notch, full-service care to our patrons. Our passion for the craft borders on obsession. We focus on using classic techniques including dry cutting and custom haircuts by hand, limiting the use of clippers. Why is this important? We get to know your hair personally. We see that funny spot where your hair stands up, the weird way it kicks out at the ends and understand the daily struggles you go through getting ready every morning. This is not the turn and burn fast-food approach to cutting hair. We are efficient but not rushed, thorough yet timely, and we pride ourselves on paying attention to details others overlook. Come in once for a haircut, shave, or beard trim and you'll have a hard time going elsewhere.

For women, we also offer various color, blow out, up-do's and cutting services including Dry Cut techniques from Sahag and Deva Curl. We are trained and licensed in both full service cosmetology and barbering.